I’ve been there. I know what it’s like.   

Since I was a young girl I wanted to do good in the world. This heart-felt desire led me to pursue a 20+ year career in the Life Sciences where I honed my management skills while obtaining an MS in Quality Management. When I lost my job in 1999, I discovered life coaching and took a huge risk to follow my heart.  In 2001, I became a certified coach through The Coaches Training Institute.   

Like all of us, my life has had its ups and downs: cancer, divorce, deaths of loved ones, new love, new homes, work pressures and angst over the state of the world. 

I’ve known what it's like to want to change while not wanting to give up cherished, but limiting, beliefs about myself. To have life be different but not want to take the actions needed to make the change. I’ve been afraid to look inside, afraid of what I’d find there. 


As a student of the Diamond Approach since 2007, I’ve learned that who we take ourselves to be is not who we truly are. Our egos are just the surface expression of a deeper nature that is magnificently breathtaking and very simple. It is this essential place that calls us to come home to ourselves.  

This inner home is what we’ve been seeking all along. From it arise clarity, peace and direction, truth, compassion, love and freedom.

It is possible to have a deeply satisfying life.  

Please allow yourself an open mind! Challenge your ideas of who you think you are. Give yourself the gift of inner work. 

I have helped hundreds of clients make sustainable day-to-day life changes and find inner fulfillment and peace. I can help you.





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