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I’ve been there. I know what it’s like.   

A Brief Bio


Monique Morimoto was catapulted out of a corporate career into the world of Soul. After leaving her 20+ career in the Life Science industry she followed her inner vision and, within 3 years, built SoulWorks Coaching®, her thriving coaching and consulting business.

Monique is a dedicated champion of nonprofit teams and women seeking guidance through work and life transitions. She is known for inspiring her clients to transform their limiting beliefs so they discover, embrace and manifest their true, authentic selves more fully in their lives. Monique delivers truth with kindness and compassion leaving her clients receptive and willing to see themselves through a new lens. Her clients have described her as “exactly what I needed,” “inviting and welcoming”, “empowering”, transformative,” “exuding peace.” 


When she is not working, you can find Monique hiking the local woods, walking the beach, playing drums with her honey, making smoothies and plant-based meals, working out and inquiring with her soul friends. Oh, and she adores animals!


A personal note:


Like all of us, my life has had its ups and downs: cancer, divorce, deaths of loved ones, new love, new homes, work pressures and angst over the state of the world. 

I’ve known what it's like to want to change while not wanting to give up my cherished, but limiting, beliefs. I’ve wanted my life to be different but have not wanted to take the actions needed to make the change. I was afraid to look inside, afraid of what I’d find there. 


As a student of the Diamond Approach since 2007, I’ve learned that who we take ourselves to be is not who we truly are. Our egos are just the surface expression of a deeper nature that is magnificently breathtaking and very simple. It is this essential place that calls us to come home to ourselves. This inner home is what we’ve been seeking all along.


Please allow yourself an open mind! Challenge your ideas of who you think you are. Give yourself the gift of inner work. 

I have helped hundreds of clients make sustainable day-to-day life changes and find inner fulfillment and peace. I can help you.

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