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Interpersonal Effectiveness

Have you ever:

  • Avoided a difficult conversation because you don’t like conflict?

  • Accidentally offended your colleague, damaging trust?

  • Had key team members whose work styles conflicted?

  • Been negatively impacted by office gossip and politics?

  • Spent valuable time and resources trying to resolve interpersonal problems in the face of more pressing demands?


Interpersonal workplace challenges cause low morale, high turnover, employee absences, poor performance, misdirection of resources, lack of trust and poor communication.  They distract your organization from its mission-focused activities and can negatively impact your success. 

Successful nonprofit leaders and managers need the "soft skills” that enable them to effectively resolve roadblocks and conflicts that arise as a result of interpersonal challenges. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness Coaching and Training provides one-on-one coaching and team building for leaders, management and staff to help you:

  • Manage conflict productively

  • Reduce stress and burnout

  • Develop emotionally intelligent skills to address interpersonal challenges productively

  • Create actionable, intelligent solutions to renew relationships and resolve conflicts

  • Function more effectively as a team, finding solutions to complex issues


Strategic Effectiveness

Is your organization aware of and aligned with your Mission, Vision and Values?  When did you last evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Are you flying by the seat of your pants or do you have a plan that your entire team is championing?

Strategic Effectiveness Coaching and Training can help you:

  • Articulate  and increase alignment to your organization’s mission, vision and values

  • Deepen how your values are incorporated in your culture.

  • Develop and implement strategic actions based on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

  • Inspire and motivate your staff

  • Reduce turnover and absenteeism 

  • Expand your leadership capacity 

As an external observer I can evaluate the current state of your organization and provide concrete feedback to help you identify steps to propel your team forward with greater engagement and productivity.

Since 2000, I have partnered with non-profit leaders, managers and teams, helping them build trust, collaborate with greater ease and communicate more effectively.

To request more information or to schedule an initial conversation, click the button below. 

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