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It is no mistake that you are reading this. 
Something is calling you to pursue a deeper inner fulfillment. 
Are you willing to say "yes" to this call of your soul?


The Situation

Have you ever set your sights on something, thinking it was the thing that would make you happy?  If only you had that house, that relationship, that job, that degree, etc., life would be grand? And when you got that thing or achieved that accomplishment, you felt good for a little while. Then the same old inner restlessness and yearning came back, so you set your sights on the next thing, thinking that will be it.

The yearning for more is a soul-desire, a desire arising from the depths of who we are. This desire cannot be filled by material things. It will be fulfilled only by turning inward and discovering who you truly are. While it’s perfectly ok to want things and pursue getting them, true happiness and fulfillment are an inside job.

Not everyone, in fact a small percentage of humans, want to even know this let alone take action to find this deeper fulfillment. The majority of humans continue on the treadmill of life, desiring, seeking, striving, only to be ongoingly dissatisfied. 

A Solution

True change happens when you shift inner beliefs and points of view in such a way that you begin to think and act in ways that are different from your habitual self. These new attitudes, behaviors and responses are how you, one step at a time, create a life that reflects your deepest values, purpose and truths.  You find fulfillment in each moment, instead of waiting for some future time.

The result? Clarity, direction and inner peace; resilience, inner freedom, less stress, more self-love and fulfillment.

Inner-Life Coaching: How it Works

As your coach, I partner with you to clarify your values, discover and articulate your life purpose, create a vision of what you want and don’t want, strategize what you need to do to achieve that vision and support you in understanding and working through the inner obstacles that arise when embarking on this type of journey.

As my client, I expect you bring your commitment, willingness to risk, patience, vulnerability, rigorous self-honesty and a sense of humor to our work together to enable you to make the changes you want.

Because accountability is a crucial component of our success together, we will create structures to hold you accountable to your commitments.  After all, you are making a life-changing investment in yourself. I take that seriously!

Let's Get Started!

Contact me today for a complimentary 45-minute exploration conversation to determine what is best for you.  I will personalize a package to best suit your unique needs, goals, learning pace, financial situation and optimal type of support.

Inner-life Coaching: Service
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