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  • Monique Morimoto

The Gift of You! Living your Unique LIfe

Each of is a gift, a unique expression of Life’s radiant light. We bring to this world our unique, personal life experiences, talents, strengths, limitations, perspectives, culture and contributions. And while we are unique individuals, we are, simultaneously, one with the whole web of humanity and of Life itself.

We have the daily opportunity to bring forth what is most true in us through our actions, attitudes and interactions with our families, loved ones, workplace and communities. This starts with our relationship with ourselves. When we know and live from our deepest truths and values, what is most needed for the situations we find ourselves in naturally arises. Even when that might be painful or not what we might prefer.

Who we are and how we live ripples out into the world. Our actions resonate with and augment love, kindness, compassion or fear, intolerance or hatred. The world needs the best we have to bring into it. Now. Today!

How are you bringing forth the best of your unique life? May we each be the change we wish to see in the world!

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