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  • Monique Morimoto

Live from your Soul in 2019: Make a Re-Soul-U-tion

New Year’s resolutions usually don’t work because they come from our mind’s idea of how we think we should be. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all have fabulous minds that we need for many things in life. However, to change our lives we need our hearts and whole souls, not just our minds!

Making a Re-Soul-U-tion taps into your inner potential, your heart’s desire to generate the energy and feeling of living from the fruition of that desire. Then you use your mind to make conscious choices that align your reality with your potential. I’ve been using this technique for years now and it works!

For example, say you want to focus on physical health this year. Rather than say “I’m going to eat right and exercise daily” (a resolution type of statement),

  1. Feel into: What does my body need? How do I want to feel in and about my body?

  2. Create a statement of your intention in present tense to express this potential: “I respect my body and make choices that honor its needs. I feel alive, strong and capable.”

  3. Write, post and repeat your intention often especially upon awakening and before sleeping.

  4. Use your intention to align your actions with your heart’s desire. “Yes, I want that piece of cake! And I respect my body. I’ll have an apple instead.”

Start by making one new choice every day. and add on. BE conscious. Every time you choose the nurturing action, you are Returning to your Soul’s desire, making new neural pathways and creating the result you want!

May you return to the authentic rhythm of your soul and live 2019 drenched in love, self-acceptance and the fruits of a grateful heart.


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